Hundreds of Children, Union Leaders, Early Childhood Education Teachers, Elected Officials and Advocates Rally for Equal Pay for Equal Work

For Immediate Release: April 11, 2018

CBOs have been a critical partner in the success of the Mayor’s Pre-K for All and now 3K Initiatives, as they provide over half of all prekindergarten seats. But for this partnership with CBOs, New York City could not have achieved Pre-K for All and would not be able to undertake the roll out of the 3K initiative. In communities across the city, the teachers in CBOs are playing a critical role in promoting and supporting children’s social and emotional development and their acquisition of early literacy and numeracy skills essential to school readiness. And yet, teachers in the CBOs, with the same job and same credentials, and who often work for more hours each year, earn significantly less than their counterparts in schools.

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