Huffington Post:Bloomberg Budget Brawl: Children’s Advocates Scramble To Save New York’s State-Of-The-Art After-School System On Even Of Massive Cuts

By Saki Knafo

A coalition of more than 150 New York City groups, including the Children’s Aid Society and the Police Athletic League, is making a last-ditch effort to save thousands of publicly funded child-care and after-school slots in the city.

The effort began more than two months ago, when Mayor Michael Bloomberg released a budget proposal that cut $170 million for children’s services.

Last week, the administration revealed that it plans to fund 224 after-school programs through 2013, meaning that 172 programs serving 25,000 children may soon be on their own. The administration has yet to make an announcement about the specific plans for early child-care programs, but advocates expect to lose around 15,900 slots for preschoolers.

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