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Act Now: Equal Pay for Equal Work

Early childhood educators in community-based early childhood programs earn significantly less than early childhood educators in Department of Education (DOE) schools, even though teachers in community-based programs work longer days and during the summer. This disparity is both unfair and destabilizing to the early childhood system as teachers in community-based programs leave for higher paid positions in schools. Teaching three and four year olds is an important, essential and invaluable profession—that should be rewarded equitably regardless of whether the classroom is in a school or a center. As the de Blasio administration creates more capacity for free prekindergarten for three and four year olds, a plan we applaud, the salary disparity issue has grown.

Please send a letter to urge Mayor de Blasio to address this income inequality by ensuring all early childhood professionals benefit from salary parity.

The Campaign for Children is working to ensure that every child in New York City has access to safe, high-quality and affordable early childhood education, after-school and summer programs. You can help by lending your voice to these critical issues.

Save Summer Programs for 34,000 Middle School Students

Mayor de Blasio’s Preliminary Budget slashes funding for summer programs for 34,000 middle school students in every New York City community. These critical summer programs keep young people off the street and ensure they have a safe and enriching place to be while their parents are working. Join parents, youth and providers in opposing these cuts.

Write your elected officials today.

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