Share Your Story

We need to hear from you!

Share Your Story

One of the critical pieces to the success of our effort is to hear from YOU – parents, child care providers, and community members – affected by this dramatic cut to child care and afterschool programs.  Share your story to ensure your voice is heard in City Hall. What would happen if you lost your child care or afterschool?  Do you have a positive story about your child care center?  How will losing a Beacon or Cornerstone program affect your community?  We need to hear from you!

Please keep in mind that we cannot address and resolve your individual situation.  Ultimately our goal is to help all parents in the city who are at risk of losing child care and/or afterschool programs.  We wish we could personally address every story submitted, but we cannot.  We encourage you to reach out to your elected officials for resources.

We may use parts of your story in our coalition materials. We will add your name to our data base to use/contact with further developments in this important effort.

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