Politicker: Business Approves of Bloomberg’s Budget; Would-Be Mayors Not So Much

By David Freedlander

Every budget is about choices, and behind every line item are real New Yorkers with real needs. The proposed cuts in daycare and after-school programs just underscore how out of touch this budget proposal is with the daily struggles of middle class and working families. These are dollars that allow parents to go to work and pay taxes; cutting them will only force more families to seek public assistance and add to taxpayer costs.

“We should stop this phony budget dance and stop treating working families as pawns in this annual charade,” said Manhattan borough president Scott Stringer. “We should continue to root out waste, fraud and abuse on outsourced contracts, and we must stop balancing the ledger on the backs of New York City’s working families.”

Read more at: http://www.politicker.com/2012/05/03/business-approves-of-bloombergs-budget-would-be-mayors-not-so-much/

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