NY1: Day Care Programs Among Expected Cuts In Mayor’s New Budget

By Courtney Gross

While some officials may be optimistic that this year’s budget may be better than years past, programs at child care centers like Brooklyn Community Service are still at risk.

“We’re looking at 47,000 children citywide potentially losing access to those programs, which means those families, again, can be driven to make either difficult choices about their children or to leave the workforce, neither of which provides the economic development the administration is aiming for,” said Marla Simpson of Brooklyn Community Service.

Parents potentially searching for daycare may have nowhere else to turn.

“It’s very difficult to have the stress of Mayor Bloomberg having the budget cuts,” said parent Shaniqua McClam. “Because you tend to worry and not being able to sleep at night. You know your kids are close to your heart and if you don’t have anywhere to have them during the day you tend to worry whether you will be able to keep your job.”

Read more at: http://queens.ny1.com/content/news_beats/political_news/160491/day-care-programs-among-expected-cuts-in-mayor-s-new-budget/

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