NY Nonprofit Press: OST & EarlyLearn RFPs Make Bad Budgets Seem Worse

OST & EarlyLearn RFPs Make Bad Budgets Seem Worse

May 24,  2012

Most of the current advocacy concerning NYC’s Out-of-School Time (OST) and EarlyLearn NYC programs has focused on the significant cuts to service capacity that will be imposed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed budget for FY2012-13.  With OST being cut by close to half and a total of more than 47,000 children losing either after-school or subsidized early childhood programs, that makes sense.   At the same time, however, it is increasingly clear that a massive realignment of the service delivery systems for these two programs resulting from citywide and system-wide procurement processes –  i.e. who will be providing OST and EarlyLearn services in which locations and for whom – is making a very bad budget picture seem significantly worse.

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