Fact Sheet on Mayor’s 2014 Preliminary Budget




FACT SHEET: The 2014 Preliminary Budget


The Mayor’s Budget Would Eliminate Child Care and After-School Programs For More Than 47,000 Children


On January 29, 2013, Mayor Bloomberg released his final Preliminary Budget for 2014.  While the Mayor has one last opportunity to stabilize the child care and after-school systems, his budget proposals fail to do this. Not only does the budget fail to maintain the one-year funding restored by the City Council in 2012, it proposes additional cuts to both child care and after-school systems.


Child Care: A cut of $64.6 million puts almost 8,000 children at risk

  • $64.6 million previously funded by the City Council
    • $51.4 million for 3,500 child care center slots and 1,100 family child care slots
    • $12.1 million for 4,400 school-age child care vouchers
    • $100,000 for job training and placement for child care workers
    • $1.0 million for technical assistance for child care providers
    • Additional funding is also needed to adequately reimburse child care programs, as the current Early Learn rate is insufficient.


After-School: A cut of $66.2 million puts more than 41,000 children at risk

  • $56.2 million for slots previously funded by the City Council
    • $50.9 million for 29,700 Out-of School Time (OST) slots
    • $4.4 million for 5,600 Beacon slots
    • $926,000 for 733 NYCHA Cornerstone slots
    • $10 million for 5,316 Out-of School Time (OST) slots


Total = More Than $130 million for More Than 47,000 Children


The Mayor must use his final budget to stabilize the child care and after-school systems that help children succeed and keep parents working. We urge the Mayor to make a long-term investment in the future of our city – baseline these funds so that no child loses care.



For more information visit: www.CampaignforChildrenNYC.com

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